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August Fundraiser - Hastings Giants Boxing Academy

Each August Thomson's Suits donates a portion of sales to a local community organisation.

The recipient for 2019 is:

the Hastings Giants Boxing Academy

The Hastings Boxing Academy under the umbrella of The Hawkes Bay Youth Trust was established in 2015 by Craig McDougall and aims to instill discipline and provide a structure of Olympic style boxing to teach young men and women how to be fit, well-mannered and active members of our community.

Visit their website


Their vision: 

Young people and their whanau living lives they value. 

We are growing youth to be the solution not the problem.

Working together we can lift their standard of performance.

We will motivate others to a life of excellence.

For every $100 or more spent in-store during August Thomson’s Suits will donate 2.5% to Hastings Giants Boxing Academy

Customers can also donate at the counter.​