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Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition

August Fundraiser

Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition

​​It's August and that means it's time for our August community project where we donate a portion of sales to a local charity.

Last year we raised $1447 for the Hawke's Bay Rescue Helicopter Service.

This year our charity is an event, The 6th Biennial Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition put on by Mike and Julie Russell at their Round Pond property on Rosser Road, just a bit south of Hastings.

Held in conjunction with the Hospice Holly Trail, $221,000 has been donated to Cranford Hospice as a result of these exhibitions.

For every purchase over $100 Thomson's Suits will donate $2.50 to The Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition. The donation will go towards meeting exhibition costs.

Our goal; $2000

We look forward to your support.

For more info on the exhibition visit their website: